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Coin Gun - The Official Terraria Wiki

The Coin Gun in action. The Coin Gun is a Hardmode ranged weapon that uses coins as ammunition, which cannot be retrieved once fired.Its damage and velocity depend on the type of coin fired. It is dropped very rarely (0.0125*1/8000 (0.0125%) chance) by Pirate Invasion enemies, excluding the Parrot.The drop rate for the Pirate Captain is quadrupled (0.05*1/2000 (0.05%) …

Lunar Portal Staff - The Official Terraria Wiki

The Lunar Portal attacking a Mimic and Target Dummies.. The Lunar Portal Staff is a Hardmode, post-Moon Lord sentry summon weapon.It summons a floating Lunar Portal sentry that lasts for two minutes, remains stationary, and does not count against the player's minion capacity. The Lunar Portal Staff has a 11.11*1/9 (11.11%) chance of being dropped by the Moon Lord boss.

Terraria Bosses List And Guide | Pocket Tactics

In our Terraria Bosses list, we’ve put together an expert rundown of all the Terraria bosses, ... King Slime will drop one coin, along with the following. Item: Drop rate: Solidifier: 100%: Slimy Saddle: 25%: One of the following: Ninja Hood, Ninja Shirt, or Ninja Pants: 33.33% each: One of the following: Slime Hook or Slime Gun: 33.33% for the Slime Hook, 66.67% for the Slime gun: …

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