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Probate Attorney's Corner - Florida Courts

2021-12-27  · First, attorneys must e-file the petition for rehearing and/or reconsideration through the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal. Then, attorneys must submit the petition for rehearing and/or reconsideration along with a proposed order to eCourtesy, selecting the Emergency Petitions eCourtesy Folder.

Judicial Section Details - Florida Courts

2021-12-22  · ALERT. The Eleventh Judicial Circuit encourages all self-represented litigants to register with the Florida Courts e-Filing Portal, a free service that allows parties to file documents and pleadings online, as well as receive electronic communications from the …

E-Filing - Miami-Dade County Clerk Of The Courts

The portal knows the correct court type and will return it onscreen as a part of the validation process. A ... To submit proposed orders to the judiciary, click eCourtesy. CRIMINAL JUSTICE ONLINE SYSTEM. Registration/Login. Prior to utilizing the eFiling portal, users must create an account. Users can access the portal’s log in page by visiting the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal. …

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